Pan Macmillan: Staff Training and Product Support

Brief & Background

Macmillan wanted to increase the understanding that their staff team had of their target audience.
They approached us to provide research and insight into children’s engagement with and parents’ perceptions of Campbell Books and followed that up with commissioning training for their staff team on Ages and Stages of Child Development. 

Summary of services provided

  • Evaluation and Accreditation of Campbell Books
  • Focus groups
  • Staff training

"Thank you very much for running the sessions yesterday, the feedback has been very positive... It was excellent to take time out and refresh our thoughts and thank you for managing the groups so effectively!"

- Stephanie Barton, Macmillan Books

How we helped

Campbell books are very interactive and evaluating them for inclusion in the Good Toy Guide helped support Macmillan’s messaging that books should be seen as play things and not just saved for bedtime stories.
The research carried out through two sets of focus groups with parents and children provided insight into the children’s and parents engagement with the books, topics that are relevant to parents that are not currently covered by Campbell storylines, and recommendations for positioning of key information on the covers.
The Ages and Stages training programme was attended by a wide range of the Macmillan team, including editors, illustrators, marketeers and business development managers. By giving all members of the team the opportunity to explore and increase their understanding of child development, and relate that to their role within Macmillan, the team were able to produce more cohesive books and reduce conflict between team members with regards the target audience.
Ongoing evaluation of the Campbell books enabled us to support key messages through editorial opportunities and social media and gave the campaign longevity as well as the credibility of having been evaluated by independent experts in child development. 

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