Research into Morrison’s Nutmeg Clothing Range

Brief & Background


Morrisons had commissioned research into children's ability to dress themselves for their Nutmeg Children's clothing. They wanted an expert in child development to make sense of the research and answer media questions about it during a radio day.

Summary of services provided

  • An expert, independent media spokesperson to add credibility and answer media questions around child development, with a focus on children dressing themselves

How we helped

Promoting children's independence through well-designed products is something we, at Fundamentally Children are keen to promote so we were the perfect partners for this project as we were able to give authentic, well-researched comments to the media on the benefits of children being able to dress themselves to support Nutmeg's campaign.

"It's great to be able to support campaigns that promote children's development and makes family life easier. The big buttons and easy to do zips are just some of the thoughtful details that Morrisons have included in their Nutmeg range and I really enjoyed being able to help communicate these benefits to the media.

- Dr Amanda Gummer 

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