Mookie Toys: Supporting Pebli Town’s Development

Brief & Background

Having worked with Mookie to support several of their brands in the past,  when they were developing Pebli, they asked for our input to ensure the interaction between the screen and off line play added real play value and increased opportunities for development.
Following some initial consultancy, we carried out a detailed product report on the prototype and provided feedback on the usability, engagement and developmental benefits of the product. 
The product was evaluated by the independent testers in the Good Toy Guide and, having met the criteria for inclusion in the guide, we were able to provide additional endorsement services.

Summary of Services provided

  • Consultancy
  • User-testing
  • Accreditation
  • Endorsement services

How we helped

By getting involved early in the product development we were able to provide advice on play and child development to help Mookie develop the product cohesively, with the child at the centre. The user-testing provided valuable feedback that not only helped inform product development but helped identify key benefits that fed into the marketing campaign.
Getting the product accredited by the independent testers at the Good Toy Guide was important to Mookie and, once it had met the criteria for inclusion in the Guide, we provided additional endorsement services including articles and an endorsement video, lending our respected, trusted voice to support key messages for Pebli. 

"Thank you for sending the detailed report over, it is really useful for us in developing Pebli. A few of the issues we have already changed and we look forward to resubmitting it for further evaluation."

"The video of Pebli looks amazing. Really great to see kids and parents enjoying Pebli."

- Matt Griggs, Mookie Toys

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