John Lewis Play Day

Brief & Background

John Lewis had a series of aims which they looked to achieve during the Christmas period with the help of Fundamentally Children, some of which included:

- To enhance the shopping experience (particularly before Christmas)

- Help consumes make Informed Buying Decisions

- To upskill staff with product knowledge and benefits

- To create a fun & engaging atmosphere in-store


Summary of Services Provided

  • A fully interactive and informative 4 hour In-store play session
  • Staff training
  • Media spotlight and advertising campaigns before, during and after

“[The play Day] created a great atmosphere in the toy department at a time where shopping for toys can be stressful for parents. The day [the team] were in, we saw an 8.1% increase on sales which was well above the average for the week.” -

- Mark Kelly, John Lewis Cambridge


How we helped

We have now carried out several play days with John Lewis and with each one they become more and more successful. 

The in-store play day gives consumers access to the industry’s leading experts on play, child development and toys.  Fundamentally Children provides the independent, expert advice needed to help consumers make informed buying decisions, often in a daunting and saturated market.

On our most recent play days for John Lewis (Cambridge) they saw an 8.1% increase on sales. 

Previous themes include: 

  • John Lewis’ top 10 Christmas toys
  • Outdoor Play (including Micro scooter and JL own brand Garden Toys)
  • The Good Toy Guide’s guide to…….

John Lewis were finalists in the Progressive Preschool awards 2015 for hosting the Fundamentally Children play day. 

We really enjoyed the Fundamentally Children team joining us for the day, all of the team were polite, friendly and engaged so well with customers and their children. It created a great atmosphere in the toy department at a time where shopping for toys can be stressful for parents. I would welcome the team again anytime as their knowledge and customer service was a warm addition to the department.

- Mark Kelly, John Lewis

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