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The focus of the new Happy Studio app from McDonalds is on Purposeful Play  - encouraging children's development while they play genuinely fun games.

McDonalds partners R/GA brought Fundamentally Children (as well as the fabulous developers at Preloaded) to provide expertise on child development, play and children's apps. 

Summary of services provided

  • Providing extensive insights on play, child development, apps, toys and children
  • Multiple rounds of user testing - providing feedback from concept to launch
  • Suggesting activities to play away from the screen
  • Review and endorsement of the final app

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How we helped

The all new Happy Studio app launched in the UK on 16 December 2015 and across Europe and at Fundamentally Children we are proud to say we’ve been involved with its development from the early concept phase. Whilst we are certainly not developers and leave the creative genius to McDonalds and their partners R/GA and Preloaded we were delighted to be involved as experts in all child related areas.

The focus of this app is on Purposeful Play – encouraging children to develop skills whilst having fun. Fundamentally Children have provided expert support during development towards this vision in a range of ways:

  • Creating a model of play: as a basis for purposeful ideas, a reference during development and a way to communicate the benefits to parents
  • Insights into children and apps: firing the team’s inspiration with insights into existing children’s apps, ages and stages of development, what children are into etc.
  • Expert sounding board: keeping in touch throughout development to answer questions, provide the children’s perspective and look for opportunities to optimise the potential for development/learning.
  • User testing: play testing prototypes at strategic points to gather feedback directly from children and parents, verify the developmental benefit, assess user experience and fun.
  • Suggest activities: providing ideas for the activities played away from the screen, ensuring these fit well with the target age, and extending learning/development opportunities within these.

Prior to launch the app was also tested by an entirely new team of experts and children and we were delighted to see it reach 'Recommended' status. This enabled us to endorse the app through video interviews, written articles and take a look in the parents section of the app and website to see our happy faces!

We continue to enjoy being involved with the ongoing development of the app. 

"We are proud to have been involved in providing input to help ensure it is great fun for children whilst supporting their development in a range of ways as well as being easy to use. All in support of the vision of creating the app around Purposeful Play."

- Lucy Gill

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