March 21, 2017

Social Media & Web Support from Fundamentally Children

Welcome to Our Endorsement Services Page

If you're interested in gaining further exposure to your brand products we'd like to help you! Below are a number of services we offer both individually and as packages to help promote your brand's products to our audience.

Please note that our offered packages are customisable, so if you wish to take remove or add any additional services please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate your needs. 

Please note that in order to take advantage of our services and packages, you must have a children's toy, product or app showcased on our website. 


We have bundled up the most popular items into cost-effective packages to suit a range of budgets. These packages can be tweaked to suit your specific requirements by selecting additional services from the rate card (shown below)

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Download the Price Packages Table here

Facebook 'Ask the Expert' Chat - £450

One of our experts will host a Live Facebook Chat on your Facebook page (60 minutes)




Giveaway Page + CTAs (Call-to-Actions) - £130

Dedicated Giveaway page to feature your toys, apps and/or products.


You will also benefit from increased & targeted visibility on our site to ensure that more people will see your giveaway on our site!

(Please click on the image to view a full-sized example of how our giveaway pages look) 




Newsletter Mention - £50

Have your products or giveaway mentioned in our weekly newsletter.


(Please click on the image to view a full-sized example of how a newsletter mention of your product or giveaway would look)





Inclusion in expert article - £150

We will feature your brand's products in an upcoming article.


Christmas Presents for STEM lovers - Magformers 



Product Submission - from £200

Submit a Children's product (toy, app, etc.) for evaluation 

View our most popular product submission options







Submit a Product

Popular Product Submission options


Tailored expert article - £450

We will write an expert article solely focusing on your brand's product and tie it in with a related topic


What life lessons can children learn from Animals - Virry

The importance of face to face communication - Sussed 


Home Slider - £100

Feature your products/ giveaway on our (1020x470) home slider for a week

(Click to visit our consumer site to view our home slider)


Dedicated Newsflash - £100

We will send out a newsflash to promote your products featured in the guide or a sponsored giveaway (Newsletter database of 6,800+)


(Please click on the image to view a full-sized example of how a newsletter mention of your product or giveaway would look)




 Basic Social Media

Promote your products on our Facebook and Twitter streams which will reach approximately 16,000 of our fans!

£20 = 1 Facebook Post

£15 = 1 Tweet

(£50 is the Minimum order value for any standalone Social Media Coverage that is not included in any packages)



Contact us today If you'd like to get in touch with us to sign up to a service or package

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