January 23, 2016

App Review Services

Steps on Submitting to the Good App Guide

Process Explained...

Follow these steps to submit a children’s app, web-based game, ebook or other software to the Good App Guide (part of Fundamentally Children) for review:

(Please Note: Once the review is underway we will keep you informed and will provide you with the report, a link to the live review, and the certification mark you can use as and when the review is live on our website. Products reviewed can be live or in prototype/beta testing.)

To find out more about how we review apps click here.

Step 1. Complete the Submission Form

One Form per App (Except where otherwise agreed for a range)

Step 2. Confirm Options & Payment

If you have not yet confirmed and paid for your chosen review option (standard, premium, detailed) please contact us to discuss this.

Terms & Conditions

What You Need To Know...


  1. Fundamentally Children (trading name for Good Toy Guide Ltd) reserves the right to refuse to evaluate apps.
  2. Acceptance of an app for evaluation does not guarantee that the product will feature on the Fundamentally Children website.
  3. All material on the Fundamentally Children website (www.fundamentallychildren.com) is subject to copyright and must not be reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the Fundamentally Children. Permission to quote our live reviews if a reference to Fundamentally Children or the Good App Guide is included is typically granted upon request.
  4. You may not modify or change the Good App Guide stamp of approval or logos in any way without prior written authorisation from Fundamentally Children.
  5. You may only use the stamp of approval or logo in association with the products or range of products on the Fundamentally Children website.
  6. You must notify Fundamentally Children in writing (email to apps@fundamentallychildren.com is acceptable) if the product is withdrawn from sale, if there are any updates or changes to the product or if there are any concerns that may affect consumer confidence in your app.
  7. Fundamentally Children reserve the right to charge for re-reviews of products that have been significantly amended following our initial review.
  8. Submission of this form indicates compliance with the COPPA code of practice and UK Office of Fair Trading’s (now the Competition and Market’s Authority) Children’s online games principles.
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