Meet the team – Georgia-Mae Evans

The fifth member of our team to bare their soul on the blog is Georgia-Mae Evans, our fabulous research assistant intern. Georgia-Mae joined our team in early 2019 and quickly cemented herself as an invaluable member of the Fundamentally Children office.

Over to her…




1 – Could you tell us a bit about your background before you joined Fundamentally Children?

Before I joined Fundamentally Children I had not long graduated from The University of Hertfordshire with a BA(Hons) Education Studies with Learning & Teaching degree. I was in a temporary job role over the Christmas period while looking for something that matched what I had been studying at university.

During that time The University of Hertfordshire helped me to find something more permanent and found an internship with Fundamentally Children which started in February 2019.


2 – Could you tell us a bit about your current role?

As a research assistant intern, I have worked on many projects, including Children’s Activity Week 2019, Toy Association US and Children in Need 2019.

I review expert reviews and have also conducted research on various other topics which has resulted in some being published on the Fundamentally Children website.


3 – What’s the best thing about working in the children’s industries?

Seeing new up and coming toys/products do really well and being able to use what I am continuously learning at home with my own children.


4 – And the Worst?

Seeing some of the original toys that you may think are really good for children’s development being replaced with technology.


5 – Describe working for Fundamentally Children in three words.

Fun, interesting, flexible.


6 – What’s your favourite industry event and why?

I have only been to Kidtropolis so far so I haven’t got anything to compare it with. But I will definitely be trying to get to some over the summer.


7 – If you didn’t work in your current role, what would you like to be doing and why?

I have always wanted to go back to university and complete my PGCE to become a primary school teacher, but since working at Fundamentally Children, researching and writing has become something that I have loved doing.

I have always wanted to have a career working with children in any way I can as I love seeing my teachings or work influence the younger generation to be better.


8 – What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given from someone in the children’s industries? 

Keep going!


9 – What’s your all-time favourite children’s toy or app?

It has got to be Barbie!


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