Why we support Women in Toys

Women in Toys is a non-profit organisation, and the leading global networking community for professional women working in the toy, licensing and entertainment industries. The collaborative community champions professional growth for women through leadership, networking and educational opportunities.


Fundamentally Children is a keen supporter of Women in Toys. Amanda working as co-Chair shows how much the organisation’s work resonates with our own company ethos and way of working. WiT provides its members with many opportunities to connect with others in the industry, both in person and online. This networking opportunity helps professionals to propel their careers, gain exposure for their company, and make a difference in their industry.


The members of Women in Toys are women and men with diverse backgrounds and experience at all stages of careers, from students to senior executives. Networking events take place throughout the year, often during key trade shows, in order to bring together as many members as possible. Meet-ups range from breakfast and lunch events to drinks receptions.

The organisation often also holds a stand at key trade events, in order to grow membership and inform the industry about the latest news and events. Dr Gummer often hosts the Women in Toys stand at UK shows such as Brand Licensing Europe, and enjoys coordinating networking events at the shows. 



The toy and licensing industries are built on networking and relationships, which, once part of that network, can be a fabulous and rewarding place to be. But it can also be a little daunting to newcomers, or those who have recently been promoted to positions where they are out and about more often. Women in Toys is a friendly, welcoming, nurturing organisation, which helps newcomers to build relationships and feel part of their industry.

Those members who are more established in their respective industry often join Women in Toys with the aim of building new relationships and tapping into fresh experiences, tips and advice. More experienced members often also find great value in joining the events at international chapters to build relationships in new territories.

As well as the less formal meet-ups, Women in Toys organises a number of events which provide members with the opportunity to further their careers, businesses and gain valuable advice from professionals outside the organisation.

Further learning and sharing of experience and knowledge take place during the regular members-only webinars. Thought leaders present timely topics in the toy, licensing and entertainment industries, offering insights, best practices, and tips for success. The interactive webinars offer the chance to ask questions and connect with the hosts.

With all of this on offer, Women in Toys is an invaluable resource to all women in the toy, entertainment, and licensing industries. Networking, education, support and advice provide a nurturing, empowering environment for all who take part and help us all to gain more from and input more too, the industries we work within. Fundamentally Children is proud to be a part of such a forward-thinking, inclusive organisation and will continue to work with and champion Women in Toys.

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