Refinery 29: My Mother Was a Hoarder


Dr Amanda shares her thoughts on Parents who Hoard and how this can affect Children


The scars can run deep for the offspring of hoarders. “Children need to feel like they fit in a home to form healthy attachments,” says psychologist Dr. Amanda Gummer, founder of Fundamentally Children, “and problems occur when the lifestyle of the parents conflicts with the personality/temperament of the child.
This isn’t always an issue but children need to feel that their home is their own and reflects their values and personality. And when it doesn’t it can be painful and have a lasting impact.”
“Hoarding is such an obvious trait,” says Dr. Gummer, “that is difficult for children to cope with and the usual tactics – avoidance, distraction, confrontation – aren’t effective.”
Dr. Gummer talks about the “Goodness of Fit” model, which is simply defined as the compatibility between environment and a child’s temperament. Poorness of fit occurs when this is not respected and accommodated. It’s been suggested that children are more likely to reach their potential when there is goodness of fit.’



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