Daily Mail: Why Every Daughter Needs to See their Mother Naked


Dr Amanda shares her thoughts on why daughters ought to see their mothers naked and the strong message it sends them at an early age


‘A mother represents a little girl’s version of normal,’ explains child psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer. ‘She learns more from observing and modelling her behaviour, and is more likely to copy that, than anything else.

‘The very best thing a mother can do to promote good self-image in her daughter is to provide a happy, healthy and confident role model she can mimic. If she sees you confident in your skin, she’ll naturally expect to grow up feeling the same way, too.’

Letting your daughter see you naked, says Dr Gummer, delivers a strong message. ‘It makes the sight of an undistorted version of the female form a completely matter-of-fact part of her life and shows her that there’s no such thing as the ideal body — we simply have the body we have.



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