Hasbro are Launching a Games Subscription Service

Can Hasbro be the Netflix of Board Games?


Earlier this week, Hasbro announced they were inviting sign ups to their first ever subscription service which looks to deliver family game nights direct to your door step.

The renowned toymaker follows the suit of other companies such as Dollar Shave Club, Graze foods, Pact Coffee and Toucan Box, who have enjoyed success in delivering products to customers on demand at a time, place and cost that works best for them.

But most notably of all these companies stands Netflix.

No one can doubt the impact delivered by streaming giant, over the past decade. Since the company moved away from delivering DVD’s to doorsteps and into streaming media 10 years ago, the company has achieved great success and is now honing in on 100m worldwide subscribers, up 1,248% from 2007 and Netflix shows no signs of faltering any time soon.

So could Hasbro enjoy similar success by offering games to customers through a subscription model?


Hasbro and Chill

Without a doubt, Hasbro has great appeal (with over 10 million Facebook fans) and an impressive library of games including Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and the ‘Granddaddy of all Board Games’, Monopoly. So Netflix has an impressive library of media content, the same can be said for Hasbro when it comes to games and toys.

More importantly, the demand and popularity for table-top games is on the up.


“Social conversation is helping to drive the gaming business,” – Jonathan Berkowitz, Senior Vice President of marketing of marketing for Hasbro Gaming.  


According to Euromonitor International, the global sales of both games and puzzles have grown from 9.3 billion (USD) in 2013 to 9.6 billion (USD) in 2016, with expected year-on-year growth of more than one percent this year. And in the past year alone, board game sales in the US has grown by 28% according to the NPD Group.


The Hasbro Subscription Plans

The Hasbro ‘Gaming Crate’ will cater to multiple types of gamers with two themed crates, each with three games, priced at $49.99 plus shipping per crate, charged automatically when the crate ships.

The Party Crate contains games with content geared toward college students, young adults, and parents who are looking to enjoy “adults-only” game nights.

The Family Crate offers games designed to be played together and enjoyed equally by kids and adults.



We believe that a good board game is both timeless and ageless and feel that this is a model that could grow exponentially here for all gamers, but in particular it would become a hit with parents who are time-poor as the game crate’s ‘easy fun in a box concept’ negates the need to waste time on deciding what game to buy or play.

Delivering right to subscribers’ doorsteps, the Hasbro Gaming Crate subscription service makes it easy and convenient for families and fans to try new games…Whether you’re planning a game night at home with your kids, or out with a group of friends, we’re confident the games our experts have selected for each crate will provide plenty of fun, laughter and friendly competition.” – Jonathan Berkowitz, SVP for Hasbro Gaming.



Currently, the Hasbro Gaming Crate will be only available in the USA and will begin to ship Autumn onwards. Whilst, there is currently no plans to release the beyond the US at this point, should the service prove to be a success Stateside, it would not be out of the question to something like this reach our shores considering the increased popularity of board games in the UK.




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