Who are Fundamentally Children and what do we do?

A lot of you know us as the Good Toy Guide, but did you also know we are the home of the Good App Guide and the accrediting body for the Children’s Activities Association?


We pride ourselves on being able to identify best practice in children’s products and services and help raise standards across children’s industries for the benefit of everyone, but there’s more…

We get involved with children’s products and services long before they are ready for accreditation. 

The research and consultancy division of Fundamentally Children is there to help companies avoid costly mistakes by applying our understanding of children, often alongside product-specific research to ensure that a new product or service stands the best chance of success when it launches, and there’s more…

Our brand support services (only available for products and services that have passed our independent accreditation), allow brands to benefit from using our expert voice and trusted reputation to help communicate their messages.

We run experiential marketing events such as in store play days (read our Case Study on our annual John Lewis Play Day events) or taking stands at family festivals (like the 3 Foot People’s Festival) and produce expert content to support marketing campaigns (read our case study on Games to Get) that will engage with your audience through social media.

We also run our own campaigns that brands can get involved with from travelling with children to supporting children with additional needs, we’re always on the front line giving practical, accessible advice that parents trust. and there’s still more…

We are not possessive over our knowledge – we firmly believe that the more people who understand children and families, the better it will be for everyone so we are always happy to run training programmes, workshops and seminars to help up-skill teams and support parents.

Our Ages and Stages of Child Development training programme has been popular with a wide audience – from training head office staff at a major retailer, to a cross-disciplinary group of editors, designers, illustrators and marketeers at top publishing houses, playground manufacturers and activity providers.

Just because we have all been children, and many of us have our own, doesn’t mean that we understand them and it is often difficult  to apply our own experiences objectively to our work.

The Parent-Centred Parenting model forms the basis of our parent-support initiatives and is popular with larger corporates, schools and umbrella bodies to support parents and help families thrive, with everyone benefiting.

All of our services, along with case studies and testimonials are available on our industry site, so drop by, take a look and let us know if we can help you do great things for children. Any questions? Contact us at TheTeam@fundamentallychildren.com or call 01438 831204.

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