Fundamentally Children partners with Morton Michel

We have recently joined forces with childcare business insurance provider Morton Michel to offer their members access to exclusive discounts on staff training and seminars with Fundamentally Children.

With over 40,000 policyholders, Morton Michel is a leading insurer for all childcare providers. Each of their clients is automatically enrolled in the ChildCare Club on taking out a policy, providing them access to a wide range of additional benefits and discounts.

Morton Michel's Childcare Club

With a huge variety of suppliers, the club is able to offer its members free downloads, newsletters and creative resources, as well as money off holidays, leisure facilities, training, business services and much much more.


As one of the suppliers to the ChildCare Club, Fundamentally Children will offer members discounted rates on a range of training options for childcare professionals. As experts in child development, play and parenting, we are able to provide seminars and training on a huge range of topics from promoting healthy child development, to balancing the play diet, to the importance of social development and much more.

The team are also able to offer sessions focussing on finding a work-life balance, which has been developed from Dr Amanda Gummer’s parenting model of family life, and is popular with working parents and their employers.

With such a diverse expertise in the world of children, the team at Fundamentally Children can tailor support to the needs of any children’s industry company and deliver insightful, impactful, bespoke training.

If you are a member of Morton Michel or would like to find out more about the offers available through the ChildCare Club, click here

Find out more about the training and seminars offered by Fundamentally Children, or contact us to discuss your needs on or 01438 831204.

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