Why we are Proud Supporters of the Children’s Media Foundation


Fundamentally Children is proud to have recently joined the likes of eOne Family, CHILDWISE, Kindle Entertainment and Zodiak Kids, among many others, in becoming a corporate supporter of the Children’s Media Foundation (CMF).

As an organisation, Fundamentally Children works to promote media literacy for all people, but especially for children. It’s important for children to be able to make informed, educated choices about the content and regularity of their media consumption and to take control of their own habits, rather than just having them enforced upon them. This comes from an understanding of media. This is a shared goal with the CMF.


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The Children's Media Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, which is dedicated to ensuring that children in the UK have the best possible media choices, on all platforms, at all ages. The organisation initiates and supports campaigns to improve funding and regulation, and informs policy makers, the press and parents alike, about the issues in the children’s media landscape.

The work that the CMF carries out to promote the production of high quality, well-researched media for children of all ages is incredibly important in today’s society. As there is now such a breadth of media available, including TV, online video and streaming, toys, apps, print and more, it’s key for us as an industry to try to ensure that all media children consume is high quality, appropriate, and educational, while still being entertaining and fun.

Alongside promoting these ideals among children, parents and families, we believe it’s important to work from the top down. As such, Fundamentally Children offers a range of services to the children’s media industry, which are in line with the CMF’s ethos. We hope these services and support will help to raise standards in children’s media – a goal we are passionate about.

As part of its educational role, the CMF also aims to use evidence-based approaches to support and promote children’s media and we support this wholeheartedly. Disseminating research around children’s media is really important to ensure that the industry and consumers alike are up to date with studies and findings to inform their work and progress.

We are excited to be supporting the CMF in its valuable work going forward.



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