NEWS COMMENT: Are children better off at nursery?



A recent study by the London School of Economics and Oxford University has caused something of a debate in the media. The research showed that in the sample used, children aged two and three who attended nursery showed better social and every day skills, while those who stayed at home showed poorer speech and movement.

Dr Gummer has been part of that conversation across national media. You can hear her discussion with BBC 3 Counties Radio here.

A decision about childcare is very rarely black and white. There are many factors that were identified in the study which affected children’s development, including certain activities, which could also be carried out at home, and the impact of social environments, which again, can be replicated by a stay-at-home parent.

It’s also important to note that very little research has shown many benefits for children under the age of two going to nursery, instead finding that the importance during the first two years ought to be placed on a secure attachment to a primary carer.

All of this is personal choice of course, and has to be what is right for each family. But if you are welcoming parents into your team, or back to work after parental leave, it’s key to support their needs, either in a new role as a parent, or having expanded their family with a new child.




Are you employees getting the work/life balance right, for example? Do they understand the ages and stages of their child’s development, and therefore feel confident and less stressed? Or perhaps it’s worth introducing our Parent Centred Parenting Model to them to show that children benefit most when their primary carers are confident, happy and calm.

All of these are subjects covered by the Fundamentally Children workplace seminars. Our team of experts can also deliver bespoke training and seminars to your employees. Or alternatively, you can choose from our range of topics from parenting tips to child development – all tailored to help your staff feel empowered to deal with anything that parenthood might throw at them.'




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