January 6, 2016

Research & Insights Services

Understanding children is so vital in creating content or developing products for children. Our experts provide a wide range of services to ensure this is no longer guess work.

Don't rely on your team's children and parenting experiences as the benchmark. Talk to us about how we can help bring you the insights on child development, children's trends, appeal and user experience to make your product/service a success whatever your budget. 

Talk to us about:

User research
Whether you need user testing, focus groups, beta testing, play testing, quantitative research, ethnographic studies, competitor research or surveys with children or parents we can help you get the answers you need.
Need a child psychologist to provide insights on your project? A children's UX expert to steer design? Desk research to support your direction or message? Or an independent expert to bring in the child's perspective? Talk to us about how we can help.
Want to upskill your team to better understand ages and stages of development, how children play, trends in apps, toys and play, parenting concerns or how to run user research with children yourselves? Our workshops and seminars can help.

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