January 8, 2016

Endorsement & Brand Support

Having your products evaluated by the Good Toy Guide or Good App Guide is just the beginning. Following endorsement, we support products and services through wide reaching media opportunities where our independent expertise is valued and in demand.

Talk to us about your priorities and we will work with you to maximise the impact of our endorsement.

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Expert media spokesperson

If your product is endorsed by us, our media-friendly experts can add credibility to your campaign across all media platforms and live events. We are also invaluable in managing potentially damaging tabloid hype.


Engaging with us for experiential marketing at consumer events or showcasing your products to the industry provides cost effective exposure with the added benefit of our endorsement. Speak to us about getting involved with our events calendar.

Online Media Services

If you're interested in gaining further exposure to your brand products online we'd like to help you!

View our Online Services here

Bespoke Services

We believe in the power of relationships and take time to understand your needs. With our portfolio of services we are able to create packages of support for your brands that deliver impressive results across a range of requirements and budgets.

Expert Editorials

Our integrity is unwavering but whilst you'll never put words in our mouth, if our testers' feedback and expert insight supports your messages we’ll write content that will resonate with your audience to add weight to your campaigns.

Pre-production services
We support products at all stages of development, from concept through prototype to finished product. We can lend our endorsement and expert voice to your investment campaigns and make strategic introductions to help get your product off the ground.
Retail Play Days
Be a focus of one of our retailer play days and reap the rewards. Join us at leading stores either on an exclusive or collaborative basis and watch your sales increase as our experts communicate the benefits of your products to consumers.
Video is compelling and great for SEO. What could be more convincing than an independent expert endorsing your product? Our videos are bespoke and we work with you to convey your messaging for products featured within our guides.
Endorsed Advertising / Advertorials

Advertising is expensive and time consuming - we can help to improve your ROI and increase trust in your brand through shared advertising opportunities, showcasing your products alongside our well respected expert voice on digital, national and local media platforms.

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