Having your products evaluated by our testers and experts is just the beginning. Adding our expert voice to endorsed products will make all the difference to your campaigns.
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Our user research, consultancy and training will empower your development team. We will help you understand children, parents and how they interact with your products
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Want to get your messages heard in the press? The media are increasingly turning to us for expertise, maybe we can help you?
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Support for development & marketing from experts in children, play, toys and apps
Product Evaluation & Accreditation

Submit your product to the Good Toy Guide or Good App Guide for evaluation by our expert testing team

Research & Insight

Expert advice, play testing & research for child-centred development.

Endorsement & Brand Support

Use our expert voice to build trust in your brand and communicate the benefits of your product.

Additional Services

We also offer a range of seminars, training opportunities and are the independent accrediting body of the CAA

About US

Our depth of understanding of children is at the heart of everything we do
Passionate About Play

Our family-friendly team of professionals are proud of their deep understanding of children and passionate about the importance of play in healthy childhoods. We go above and beyond to champion great children's products using our wide range of skills to make a difference. Whether that is to shout about products in the media, design user testing to help you turn good ideas into great products or share our knowledge and passion with our audience.

Our Team

Some of the Friendly Faces over at Fundamentally HQ
Dr Amanda Gummer
Dr Amanda Gummer
Founder / CEO
Referred to as THE go to expert on play, toys and child development. Amanda founded Good Toy Guide Ltd in 2013 after 20 years experience working with children and families including creating the Parent-Centred parenting model and a decade running consultancy FUNdamentals. Amanda is regularly in the media and in high demand within the toy and family-facing industries.
Georgina Dalton
Georgina Dalton
Commercial Director
Bringing 15 years experience in the preschool and primary sector along with a strong interest in Special Educational Needs, Georgina joined us at the start of 2015. Having successfully run her own businesses for 10 years, Georgina understands the importance of delivering the right products to the right market. She understands the challenges of PR & marketing, and works closely with clients to ensure our expert voice is there to support and add credibility to great products.
Katie Roberts-Mason
Katie Roberts-Mason
Marketing Executive
Katie has over 12 years experience in communications with roles in PR and marketing. She understands the importance of the right communication for companies and their brands, both with consumers and industry.Katie works across our consumer and trade marketing, taking on social media, copy writing, advertising, events and much more.
Lucy Moody
Lucy Moody
Head of Retailer Relations
Lucy works closely with toy retailers, supporting them in promoting play and healthy child development through advice, play days, staff training sessions, talks for parents, Good Toy Guide endorsement and beyond. Lucy brings over 10 years of experience working alongside young children as well as in writing, television production and marketing.
Kerstie Mehmel
Kerstie Mehmel
Review Co-ordinator
Kerstie ensures that all products submitted for evaluation are dealt with effectively, liaising with clients during the testing process. She manages our database of testers, both play centres and parents, collating their review data to add product reviews to the website. Kerstie’s calm, empathetic approach enables her to really understand what people need and ensure they are give the best service.

Our Associates

We are also proud to work alongside a range of experts in their field to support our clients in reaching their goals.




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